The HelixShield Technology

The HelixShield technology encodes unique, hidden, and immutable digital information in DNA, stores the DNA in a miniature hardware token, and authenticates the token in seconds to grant access to authorized users and prevent ransomware attack.

DNA Encryption

Unique digital information is encoded using synthetic DNA. To break this DNA encryption, manual lab work is required thus it is quantum computer-proof.

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Non-fungible Hardware Token

Synthetic DNA that encodes digital information is stored in a miniature hardware token so that the information is unique, hidden, and immutable.

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Token Reader

A small device that is placed next to the IT system it protects and reveals data in a non-fungible hardware token in seconds.

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Smartphone App for Authorized User

Only an authorized user can obtain an account for the app, which works with the token reader to authenticate the user instantaneously and securely.

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User access data are stored in a client-specific private chain.
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Predictive Analytics

Analytic tools collect user behavior pattern, identify suspicious activities, and prevent pending attacks.

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Why HelixShield?

HelixShield represents a new class of cybersecurity technologies that combine the power of DNA  technology and digital technology. As a result, it provides unprecedented effectiveness and deterrence.  

  • DNA Encryption is a Huge Hurdle for Computer Hackers to Overcome 
  • Three-Factor Authentication with Physical Presence Prevents Remote Hacking
  •  Private Blockchain Ensures Data Authenticity and Enables Predictive Analytics 

Use Case Examples

A Definitive No to Ransomware

Remote access to IT systems is a must-have for ransomware attacks. By requiring during login the authentication of a physical non-fungible token that uses DNA encryption by a token reader that is physically located near the IT system it protects, it is impossible for remote hackers to breach the IT system.

Improve Cybersecurity Effectiveness

The synthetic DNA-based authentication adds an orthogonal security layer on top of conventional digital/electronic cybersecurity measures to significantly boost the combined effectiveness against hacking.

Additional Applications

Secure the supply chain

Weed out deep fakes

Verify online purchase

About Us?

At High Throughput Biology, we have developed a next-generation authentication technology (HelixShield) to put a stop to the proliferation of ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity breaches. With the combination of novel DNA encryption, digital encryption, physical non-fungible token, and blockchain, we help businesses thrive.

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High Throughput Biology’s HelixShield authentication is a next-generation multifactor authentication technology with DNA encryption that is quantum computing-proof. Let’s talk today on how we can help on your cybersecurity needs

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