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Unmet Needs

BioIDETM was developed by scientists for scientists. It was born out of many frustrations shared by researchers in the genetic field. These unmet needs include:

  • Tedious process - Repetitive and trivial data formatting and preprocessing is a major burden.

  • Lengthy analysis cycle - Data analysis normally takes days or months to finish, mainly due to a multitude of iterative tasks (e.g., ad-hoc programming and revisioning, data management tasks, back-and-forth data formatting, learning of analytical methods, and gathering supporting evidences for proper result interpretation).

  • Lack of integration of existing methods - Because data analysis is routinely done as a pipeline of analytical steps, a cascade of analytical methods developed by different authors is usually necessary. However, without programming expertise, it is impossible to build a data analysis workflow with chained analytical methods. As of today, no software platform is available to provide easy access to a comprehensive list of academic tools.

  • Inconvenience with learning and using individual tool - Each existing analytical method has its own ideosyncracy: 1) being developed using different programming languages; and/or 2) having its own unique command and parameter settings (mostly without GUI); and/or 3) requiring different data formats. As a result, researchers often experience a rather steep learning curve.

  • Complexity with customizing data analysis workflow - Existing data analysis pipelines are either fixed in commercial application or mostly composed of a set of scripts built by informatics experts, making revision and maintenance difficult and in many cases impossible, especially in a regulated environment.

  • Difficulty with sharing data, methods, and tools - Secure data and result sharing is a major issue in an increasingly collaborative yet competitive environment. Applications that enable easy data sharing and give data owners full control over the level of data access are in high demand.

BioIDE was designed and developed from the ground up with the support of a large beta user group that included researchers in both academic institutes and pharmaceutical companies. With these unmet needs on mind, we are proud to announce that BioIDETM is able to address most if not all issues outlined above, offering genetic researchers a state-of-the-art tool to handle their data analyses and management needs.

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