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With BioIDE, High Throughput Biology's on-demand data analysis service is better than ever. Since we are the ones who developed the software, we are in the best position to realize its full potential on data analysis with the large collection of analytical methods. We have said all along that BioIDE can boost the productivity of researchers tremendously. The productivity gain can be immediately shown in the speed we deliver our analysis to you.

HTB's custom data analysis service has the following characteristics:

  • Fast Delivery: we promise to deliver you our preliminary results within a week under most circumstances.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: we will perform various applicable data analysis after detailed discussion with you.
  • Detailed and Succinct Report: we will develop a final report to summarize the data and the results from several iterations of analysis.

Currently HTB offers on-demand data analysis in the following areas:

  • Linkage and Association Analysis
    • Pattern Examiner for multi-locus association analysis and gene interactions
    • Extensive association analysis using academic software
    • The Transmission Disequilibrium Test (TDT)
    • The Haplotype-based haplotype relative Risk Test (HHRR)
    • LOD Analysis

  • Micro-array Gene Expression Data Analysis
    • Expression signature analysis
    • Gene Ontology and pathway analysis
    • Bio-rationale collation for potential targets

  • Integrated pharmacogenomic/pharmacogenetic biomarker identification
    • Identify genotype-expression correlation
    • Identify haplotype-expression correlation
    • Identify population-specific classifiers for expression level prediction

However, if you have an urgent needs for a data analysis outside of these areas, you are welcome to contact us. If we cannot help you, maybe we can find other experts who can.

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