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Before developing BioIDE, a truly scalable and integrated biomedical data analysis platform, we at High Throughput Biology have been involved in several large-scale data integration efforts, both in academic settings and in pharmaceutical companies. If you like what we have achieved in BioIDE, you will like what we can do to help your organization achieve similar seamless integration of software and data.

More specifically, we offer software and data integration services in the following areas:

  • Integrate tools for data acquisition, processing, analysis, visualization, integration, and management
  • Integrate platform-independent translational tools for data exchange and for promoting interoperability
  • Integrate rich yet diverse web resources seamlessly with internal data resources
  • The most straightforward way to achieve software and data integraton for your organization in record time is to utilize the existing infrastructure of the BioIDE platform. BioIDE provides a complete component development APIs to facilitate the integration of third-party software. BioIDE's data integration scheme can be easily scaled and fine-tuned on your internal data collection. Most importantly, all customizations and additions to BioIDE due to such custom integration project are completely owned by your organization. You can deploy the newly integrated system throughout the organization with the support of your own servers without the needs to upload actual components onto HTB's servers. As you can see, customer's concerns are our concerns, so are their happiness.

    Although in our own opinion it will be tremendously beneficial if your internal software or data integration efforts can be built on top of BioIDE, we are open to apply our integration expertise to any of your integration effort. Please let us know.

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